Free iPod Touch

Free iPod Touch

Who doesn’t love a freebie! The question is: How do you get a Free iPod Touch?

Unbelievable as it may sound; I can assure you that it is absolutely possible for you to get a FREE iPod Touch! But only if you follow the steps listed below. It's easy, otherwise, to get lost in the surge of freebie sites. These sites offer popular high-end gadgets like the iTouch in exchange for subscribing to some of their affiliates' offers. The catch is: most of these freebie itouch ‘schemes’ are either not legit, or are elaborate scams – out to get your hard-earned money.

Don’t believe me? Then trawl the net, check a few sites out, lose a few bucks, and return for some sound advice. Or, you could skip all the trouble and smarten up.

There are legit freebie sites that actually work!

I know a few. I’ve tried them. And I am a proud owner of the new Apple iPod Touch – without actually having spent a dime.

How is it possible, you ask? Surely there’s a trick somewhere?

Yep, there is. Its commerce: These sites provide their advertisers with new customers, and the advertisers, in return, pay for the free items. And that’s how you get your iPod Touch For Free.

Still hooked? Great! Now let’s see how an iPod Touch could be all yours for free

Step 1: Signup for your Free iPod Touch using any of the Links Below:

- USA/Canada: Free iPod Touch From Trainn
- Worldwide: Free iPod Touch From FreebieJeebies

It is important that you provide accurate personal information when you are signing up. You will be required to enter your name as well as other personal details. Providing fake information can cause you to be accused of identity theft and may end up losing you getting your GUARANTEED Free iPod Touch.

All of the information that you are entering is safe and secure and will NOT be sold to third party advertisers. Nor will the information be used to send spam to your email account, however, you should set up a web-based account that will allow you to accept offers from the advertisers that are sponsoring your Free iPod Touch. You can create a G-Mail or Yahoo account for this purpose.

I will send you an email when you sign up. After that, if you need any help or a personal reply, feel free to leave me a comment so that I can get back to you.

Important Rules To Follow To Get Your Free iPod Touch:

If you follow the rules, you will get your Free iPod Touch. Those who do not get a PS3 are those who try to scam the company and not play by the rules. Do the following:

- Enter your real information when signing up as false information will bounce;
- Sign up only once on the same site;
- Sign up for offers only once;
- Do not show people how to cancel their offers or tell them to cancel them publicly;
- Do not try to force people into accepting a certain offer;
- Make sure your referrals sign up from their own computers and not from yours or a work station that has more than one user (like a school).
- Make sure all of your referrals are genuine and do not try to use proxies or fake referrals.

Follow the rules and do not try to scam the system and you will get your Free iPod Touch. Be sure to adhere to their TERMS OF SERVICE so that you can get this amazing deal.

Step 2: Subscribe to One Trial Offer

After you have successfully signed up, you need to secure a single credit by subscribing to at least 1 of the advertisers’ trial offers. This is the MOST SIGNIFICANT step towards securing your Free iPod Touch. So go ahead, find an offer that works for you. While all the advertisers’ trial offers aren’t free, they are all affordable, in fact, even cheap – clocking at and usually under the $10 mark. And the best part is these offers are mostly services we all want or have considered at some point ourselves. If, after having given the trial a chance you are still uncertain about whether you really want to go ahead, you can end it without forfeiting the credit for your Free iPod Touch.

But you have to TAKE ACTION RIGHT AWAY if you want to take advantage of the easy offers they have now to receive credit. It only takes a few minutes to sign up for the offer; make this your priority and get your offer done immediately so that you can be well on your way to getting your Free iPod Touch. I cannot tell you how much longer these easy offers will last for, so act now and take advantage to make sure you get the credit towards your Free iPod Touch.

What you need to know about offers

Take a look at some of the more popular offers that thousands of members have completed. It is not necessary to go for all of them; we are just making it easy for you to see what are the options available to you and to check out what some of the other members have done to earn their credit towards the FREE iPod Touch. If any of these offers and requirements suits you, you can sign up too and get instant credit.

Because all offers shown below are worth 1 full credit on the freebie sites mentioned in step 1, you only need to complete one to get credit.

1. Blockbuster – Rent unlimited DVDs.
To receive credit: Register and queue a movie.
Credit awarded: Instantly
Cost: $9.99

2. Video Professor – Learn the top computer programs.
To receive credit: Order any FREE computer lesson.
Credit awarded: Instantly.
Cost: $6.95

3. – Monitor and manage your credit report.
To receive credit: Order your credit report.
Credit awarded: Same day.
Cost: Absolutely Free trial

4. eMusic – You have a choice of over two million fully legal tracks of music for download.
To receive credit: You must register for a membership to eMusic.
Credit awarded: 3-5 business days.
Cost: $11.99

5. Privacy Matters – Know your Credit Score with FREE trial membership.
To receive credit: You must register and try the service for a minimum of 5 days.
Credit awarded: Instantly.
Cost: Absolutely Free trial

Trainn non credit card offers (FreebieJeebies doesn't have non credit card offers)

When you chose to do non credit card offer, it get tougher to get your credit. Click on Level B Offers tab that is listed underneath the “Progress” tab and browse until you find an offer that you like. In order to get your Free iPod Touch, you need to do one Level A or accumulate 50 points of Level B offers in order to complete your requirements. This is why the popular and easier offers are mentioned above.

1. Funmobile – Download the latest chart toppers today.
To receive credit: Enter your phone number and confirm your pin #.
Credit awarded: Same day.

2. Ish Ringtones – Get all your favorite Hip Hop ringtones sent str8t 2 your phone!
To receive credit: register for Ish Ringtones and confirm the pin number sent via SMS.
Credit awarded: instantly

3. – Includes $5 Free Stamps.
To receive credit: register for a 4 week trial, install, and print postage.
Credit awarded: Instantly.

A word of caution: Before you sign up for any offer:

- Ensure that your browser (IE, Mozilla, etc.) is enabled for all cookies. You can end up losing credit points if you have signed up for a trial offer. Cookies are essentially harmless; they are only installed to make sure you get your credit for signing up for the trial offer. Take a moment to make sure that your cookies are not disabled on your browser so that you can get your Free iPod Touch. You can enable cookies by disabling cookie blockers (search Goggle for “How to enable ALL cookies” for easy step-by-step procedure to do the same).
- Make sure to disable your browser’s pop blockers as well. You only have to do this temporarily as once you have signed up, you can enable the pop-up blockers once again.
- Read the “Terms of Service” – Make sure that you read the terms of service and understand about the offer before signing up. Make sure you understand what it is and what you have to do. For example, it is a full subscription or just a trial subscription; does it involve testing a free sample?
- Always keep a record of any transaction. Once you have completed an offer, make sure that you keep track of any confirmation that you have done so as e-mails or other information so that you can support your claim in case of a dispute. You should use emails, acceptance letters or even screenshots as a way to keep a track record of what you are doing in case you have to apply for a manual reevaluation of your submission.

Step 3: Refer family and friends

Now that you have completed an offer (if you have not - do so RIGHT AWAY) and have earned credit towards your Free iPod Touch, you need to refer friends and family to the site so that you can earn your iTouch. Take a look at your affiliate link on the site and chart how many people you refer through the progress page that you can log onto every time you log into the site. This is easy to use and below I give you some ideas on how you can get referrals. Once you have completed this part of the requirements, you will have earned the Free iPod Touch! It is that easy!

Referrals: Here’s some nifty ways that have worked for me, and I am certain, will work for you as well.

- The obvious: family, friends, relatives, colleagues. Get them to sign up, just not from the same system or from a public network but from their own systems. This will enable you right away to get your iTouch.

- Create an advertorial-cum-blog. Take this blog that you’re reading right now! You can create your own advertorial-cum-blog and refer people by posting a link and some relevant information, such as is done here.

- Post your referral link on forums. Make sure that you do not violate guidelines on the forums and get your account frozen due to being a spammer. This can end up costing you your Free iPod Touch for good.

- Be aggressive when selling. Make sure that when you tell everyone about the site you emphasize upon the legitimacy of the site and how you earned your PS3. Tell others how the offers that you signed up for have worked for you. Be sure to bring out the fact that the offer is well worth it and that you enjoyed the products or services.

- Tell your friends that you too were referred by a friend. This can make them see that as it is working for you, it will work for them as well. You can also treat your buddies to a round of drinks or a movie as a way to introduce them to the idea of signing up.

How long will it take for you to receive the Free iPod Touch?

Upon successfully completing one offer and signing up the required number of referrals, you can then submit your account for approval to get your Free iPod Touch. During this review period, the site will verify your account and make sure that you have registered for your offer and all your details are accurate. They will also ensure that all of your referrals are legitimate.

That’s it!! Once your account is approved, your order for a Free iPod Touch will be placed, and it will be shipped to you, free of cost. What’s more, you not only get to enjoy your very own Free iPod Touch, you can also make a profit by selling it to someone else (perfectly legit!), or create a lasting impression by gifting it to a “special” friend.

If you have ANY questions or need more information on how you can get your iPod Touch for free or if you have any doubts that you need clarified personally by me, CONTACT ME at: If you prefer to have a LIVE CHAT with me, (click on the tab in the right hand corner). Alternatively, do not hesitate to leave a comment and let me know if you would like my AOL contact and /or email address.
I am COMMITTED to making your freebie come true for you ASAP. All you need to do is get in touch with me and I WILL GUARANTEE you that it will!


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Although the FreebieJeebies site is legit, the poster is scamming you a bit. She is telling you to complete the offer right away so she can get the credits from referring you because who knows how long it will be until you get all of the referrals you need.

The difficult part of this is getting other people to sign up AND sign up for one of the trials(which is needed in order to get the referral)

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Dude, this freebiejeebies thing is a dead set lying scumbag gutter-trash scam, and you were probably paid $#!Tloads of money to make this blog. Chances are, what you are claiming is all fake because I have seen a billion-bazillion other sites with the exact same claims. Man, get a life.

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Worse part is that someone buys a new iPod touch today and receive new applications for free, which is essentially what the upgrade for. These new applications are: Maps, Mail, Stocks, Notes and Weather.

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